Global Livestock Solutions

Supply chain

As food supply becomes more regulated, there will be a greater reliance on supply chains to provide assurance about a host of consumer concerns. In general, this will lead to greater utilization of livestock identification and tracking systems and greater utilization of forward contracting, backgrounding and other supply agreements. It may also involve customised breeding programs. More recently supply chain assurances have extended to the point of slaughter. GLS supports these initiatives under the heading of Supply Chain.

As mentioned, much of the work that has been undertaken has been within the livestock export industry. This has predominantly been a problem-solving role that has involved a combination of on board work (as an accredited veterinarian) and targeted research and development through the auspices of Meat and Livestock Australia.

The business also provides pre-delivery services (such as 3rd Party veterinary services) and more recently post delivery (or after sales) services.

The business has recently become involved in the backgrounding and brokering of supply agreements prior to them entering quarantine or assembly facilities. At this point this only involved dairy cattle but there is scope for this to be extended to other categories of livestock.