Global Livestock Solutions


Global Livestock Solutions has been servicing the livestock industries in Australia since 1999 (under its former name of Professional Agricultural Services Pty Ltd).

The business has had a focus on problem solving through targeted research and development at an industry level.

Much of the work that has been undertaken has been within the livestock export industry. This work has ranged from producing best practice management manuals to participating in high level, pivotal research relating to ventilation, bedding management, heat stress and disease management.

The business has been re-positioned to reflect the challenges facing today's livestock industries. These challenges are addressed under a number of headings. These include Food Security, Carbon, Supply Chain and Breeding Solutions.

Global Livestock Solutions is based in Brisbane but operates throughout Australia and overseas. Projects vary considerably in size and scope however, the business regularly builds teams that have the capacity to deliver on any sized project.

Business is conducted from a small office in East Brisbane close to the CBD.

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