Global Livestock Solutions

Mission Statement

Global Livestock Solutions (GLS) works co-operatively with leading agricultural organisations to address the major challenges confronting livestock industries in Australia and overseas.

The challenges facing the livestock industry are many and varied:

Population growth increases the tension between those whose food security is assured and those whose food supply may be under threat.

Environmental issues compel food producers to be conscious of not just the amount of food being produced but also the way in which it is produced.

Animal welfare considerations affect the way in which animals (as a source of food) are produced and distributed around the world. This also applies to the way in which they are slaughtered.

New technologies (particularly in the area of genetics and animal breeding) provide exciting solutions, however the adoption and utilisation of these new technologies needs to be carefully considered.

Global Livestock Solutions seeks to resolve these problems by promoting the adoption of new technologies and best practice management within a commercial framework.