Global Livestock Solutions

Food security

Australia's food supply is assured. It is estimated that Australia produces enough food to feed 60 million people. From a global perspective, Australia is well placed to make a significant contribution toward closing the gap between food supply and demand.

Efficient livestock production (both in Australia and overseas) is achieved through good management. This embraces aspects such as animal health and livestock type (genetics) in addition to day-to-day decision-making.

Access to finance and financial management is another important facet of productivity. GLS provides services that support all of these areas. These services apply both in Australia and overseas.

Food security is not simply a matter of producing more food. It must also be affordable and delivered by effective distribution channels. In many cases this requires capital investment. Capital investment may also be required for both livestock and livestock facilities. This can be limiting in developing countries.

Preparedness is another important concept whereby areas that are prone to drought (or food shortages) are encouraged to make provisions for the future.

Biosecurity is a consideration when accessing many markets.