Global Livestock Solutions


One of the greatest challenges facing the livestock industries is greenhouse gas emission. GLS addresses this challenges under the heading of Carbon. Agriculture is a major contributor to greenhouse gas production, mainly due to methane production from ruminants.

The challenge is to reduce emissions but at the same time increase or maintain production to meet the global demand for food.

The carbon debate has been pushed back by a change of government in Australia and a move to an Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) would seem to be some time away. In the interim, carbon-farming initiatives will continue although perhaps not with the incentives envisaged.

Many industries are taking a future ready approach that seeks to both lessen the carbon footprint as well as implement coping mechanisms that adapt to a new climate.

Farmers are also being encouraged to calculate their greenhouse emission status and quantify the benefit of different abatement strategies.

Abatement strategies can be modelled under the headings of Herd Management, Feeding Management, Soil Management and Farm Intensification.