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Breeding Solutions

Tailored supply agreements are enhanced by the use of new breeding technologies. These can be utilized to provide more of the animals required in particular for specific niche markets. Breeding technologies are developing rapidly and represent a fast moving frontier. GLS has strong skills in this area and is well placed to support these developments. This is addressed under the heading of Breeding Solutions.

Herd recording is central to most industry based breeding programs. These generate breeding values that better predict the genetic merit of animals. The value of any genetic gain can be calculated using economic values however this does not adequately assess the economic value of many new products particularly those that involve gender selection (sexed semen or sexed embryos). In these cases additional sales must be included in the profit equation.

GLS has explored this area and prepared several papers that explain the concepts involved. The first paper 'Calculating the economic value of genetic gain' shows how genetic gain can be calculated using an investment analysis approach.

Two further papers show how additional sales can be factored in the profit equation using the same approach. A final paper shows how the use of products derived from advanced reproductive techniques (ART) can be utilized to maximize profit.